Message of Invitation

"Welcome to Inje Icefish Festival for Various Winter Recreations with Mother Nature!"

Thank you for visiting the homepage of the 19th Inje Icefish Festival.
We welcome you all.

Inje Icefish Festival is the best winter festival where you can enjoy various entertainments, attractions, and delicious food. Inje Icefish Festival provides icefish fishing site, icefish circle, round sledding, ice and snow playground in wide ice and snow fields. You can also enjoy the traditional atmosphere in Mountain Village and Classic Ret Area while participating in National Ice Soccer Cub, Gangwon-do Ice Gate Ball Contest, and Icefish Olympics with all visitors and local residents.

Inje Icefish Festival offers various programs that all children, parents, and elderlies can enjoy together.

Visit Inje Icefish Festival with your family, lover, and friends and enjoy the exciting festival with your loved ones. Inje Icefish Festival is a great chance to make special and precious memories.

We invite you to Inje Icefish Festival held in the wide ice field.

Thank you.

Chairman of Inje Culture Foundation, Sanggi Choi